GATE GE Syllabus 2023 | Geomatics Engineering

The GATE GE Syllabus 2023, as well as the official brochure for all topics, has been released by IIT Kharagpur.

In order to prepare for the Graduate Aptitude Test 2023, candidates can use the GATE Geomatics Engineering Syllabus to evaluate which courses require more time and effort.

GATE GE Syllabus 2023

The exam of GATE GE syllabus facilitates in the formulation of a study plan. Before beginning their preparation, students should review the GATE GE Syllabus.

GATE GE Syllabus

Candidates should review the GATE 2023 test pattern in addition to the GATE 2023 syllabus. The government holds GATE to admit students to M.E./M.Tech/PhD programmes at IITs, NITs, IIITs, and CFTIs, as well as for PSU recruitment.

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GATE 2023 Exam Pattern

Examination ModeComputer Based Test (Online)
Duration3 Hours
Number of Papers in GATE 202229 Papers
SectionGeneral Aptitude (GA)Candidate Selected Subject
Type of QuestionsMultiple Choice Questions (MCQs)Multiple Select Questions (MSQs)Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions
Design of QuestionsThe questions are designed to test the listed abilities:ApplicationAnalysisComprehensionRecallSynthesis
Number of Questions65 Questions (with 10 questions from General Aptitude thrown in for good measure)
Except for AR, CY, EY, GG, MA, PH, and XL, all papers have a similar distribution of questions.Engineering Mathematics – 13 MarksSubject Questions – 72 MarksGeneral Aptitude – 15 Marks
AR, CY, EY, GG, MA, PH, XH, and XL Question DistributionQuestions from Subject Concerned – 85 MarksGeneral Aptitude – 15 Marks
Total Marks100 Marks
Marking SchemeQuestions would be either of 1 or 2 marks.

GATE Geomatics Engineering Paper Pattern 2023

Let’s look at the different areas of the GATE Geomatics Engineering Syllabus.

Besides the 15-mark General Aptitude (GA) segment, the question paper is divided into two sections: Part A (55 points) and Part B (35 points) (30 marks). Part A should be attempted by all candidates.

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Part B is divided into two parts: Section I and Section II. Candidates must answer questions from Part A as well as questions from either Section I or Section II of Part B. During the examination, you can choose between Section I and Section II of Part B.

Part A comprises 36 questions worth a total of 55 points, with 17 questions of one mark each (for a total of 17 points) and 19 questions worth two marks each (subtotal 38 marks). Some of the questions are multiple-choice, while others may be MSQ and/or NAT.

Part B is divided into two sections (Section I and Section II), each of which has 19 questions worth a total of 30 points: 8 questions for one mark (subtotal 8 marks) and 11 questions worth two marks (total 30 marks) (subtotal 22 marks). Some of the questions are multiple-choice, while others may be MSQ and/or NAT.

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Please see the attached PDF for the whole syllabus. All students must take General Aptitude and Part A of the course. With these two, you must attempt either Section I or Section II of Part B.


GATE ES Rank Predictor 2022 | Environmental Science & Engineering

Hello Guys! Hope your exam was not so bad. And I know you are very excited to know about expected idea of the rank and toppers.

GATE ES Rank Predictor 2022

So we build a Survey form for GATE ES Rank Predictor, then you can predict your average rank and marks of the toppers by filling the form given below.

GATE ES Rank Predictor

Survey Form:

Responses – GATE ES

GATE ES Users vs Range of Marks

Difficulty Level of GATE ES Paper

GATE 2022 vs GATE 2021

Rank of Marks vs Percentage

Please share this page with your friends so maximum number of users can fill the form and we can get an expected idea about range of marks of users.

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GATE Biotechnology Rank Predictor 2022

An amazing news is that today, you can make use of the FindMyTest Gate Biotechnology rank predictor and find out your GATE BT 2022 All India rank. That is right.

The given Survey form will help you to know the AIR based on actual survey report. So please fill the form given below and then refresh the page and check the reports given below of the form.

GATE Biotechnology Rank Predictor 2022

Survey Form: Don’t forget to fill it without the survey form the tool can’t generate an actual report.

GATE Biotechnology Rank Predictor

Responses – GATE Biotech Rank Predictor

Number of Users vs Range of Marks

GATE BT Paper Difficulty Levels

GATE BT 2022 vs GATE BT 2021

GATE BT 2022 vs GATE BT 2020

Range of Marks vs Percentage of Users

These are the survey based Reports for GATE BT paper 2022. So share the page to the maximum number of students so we can get an near actual GATE 2022 Biotech Rank.

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GATE Mining Engineering Rank Predictor 2022

FindMyTest team worked hard to prepare the Live Expected Rank Prediction Form. It will help to all those students who appeared in the GATE 2022 Mining Engineering Paper.

GATE Mining Engineering Rank Predictor 2022

Just fill the form of Live Survey and see the responses given below. The responses will give you a quick idea about your GATE Mining expected rank. The responses will work like a GATE Mining Rank Predictor.

GATE Mining Engineering Rank Predictor

GATE Mining Rank Predictor Survey Form

Responses – GATE MN Rank Predictor

Number of Users vs Range of Marks

GATE 2022 Mining Engineering Rank & Difficulty Level Analysis

GATE MN 2022 vs GATE MN 2021

GATE MN 2020 vs GATE MN 2022

Range of Marks vs Percentage of Users getting marks in that range

Don’t forget to share this GATE Mining Engineering Rank Predictor 2022 page with your Whatsapp Groups & Telegram Groups so maximum number of students can fill the form and we can get the exact rank idea.

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GATE Geomatics Engineering Rank Predictor 2022

GATE Geomatics Engineering paper was introduced for the first time in the year of 2021 for GATE 2022 exam.

The exams has been conducted and now this time is to check expected All India Rank (GATE GE AIR).

GATE Geomatics Engineering Rank Predictor 2022

GATE Geomatics Engineering Rank Predictor

Are you using phone to view this page?
If yes! Then you have to scroll Up and Down & Left-Right to view the whole graph of GATE GE Rank Predictor Responses.

Live Survey Form:

Fill the Survey Form and this form will help you to analyse your All India Rank.

GATE GE 2022 Number of Users vs Range of Marks

Difficulty Level of GATE Geomatics Engineering 2022 Paper

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GATE Geomatics Engineering Test Series Schedule

GATE Rank Predictor

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GATE GE Test Series – Geomatics Engineering Topic, Subject Wise & Full Tests 2023

As we all know this time is very precious for all the GATE aspirants so Find My Test has come up with a solution for all the hardworking aspirants out there. We have released a mock series for various GATE examinations.

Table of Content

1. GATE GE Test Series 2023
2. GATE GE FREE Mock Tests

GATE GE Test Series 2023

This time two new examinations are added in GATE. IIT Kharagpur has just issued the curriculum and model question paper for GATE Geomatics, as it is a new paper. The GATE GE has a syllabus that is fairly comparable to the GATE CE. 

GATE GE Test Series

Find My Test has released the GATE GE Test Series (Geomatics Engineering) for all the aspirants who is preparing for the GATE GE 2023 examination.

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For any query-related registration, you can drop a message to them at Whatsapp: 95099-39058.

If you are eager to learn, have a look at the FMT Geomatics Schedule. The link for the schedule page of the GATE Geomatics Engineering Test Series is given below. 

Gate Geomatics Test Series Schedule

This is a very crucial time for all the aspirants as the syllabus is out for the GATE GE examination and as this is the new examination aspirants would have various issues while opting for the examination. So, it would be very beneficial for all the aspirants to register for GATE GE Test Series as the test series help you to enhance your ability. 


FREE Demo Test of GATE 2023 – GE Paper

GATE GE Test Series or GATE Geomatics Online Mock Test Series is critical to one’s preparation not only because it provides for thorough revision and brushing, but also because it allows for an accurate assessment of one’s actual position in the competition.

All the best to all the GATE aspirants! Hope our GATE GE Test Series helped you all!


GATE Application Form 2022 – Important Information

The GATE application form for the year 2022 is starting from the 30th of August 2022. The GATE examination for the year 2022 will be conducted by the IITKGP or the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. The examination is expected to start in the month of February and if you are planning to appear in the examination, it is high time for you to get serious and start preparing. 

Table of Content

1. GATE Application Form Late Fees
2. GATE Application Form 2022 Important Dates

GATE Application Form Late Fees

The application portal for this year will be opened on the 1th of October. You should complete the application filling process before the 24th of September if you don’t want to pay a late fee. The last date for the registration with the addition of late fee of 500 INR (around) is the 1st of October, so be sure to get it done by then, otherwise, you won’t be able to appear on the exam this year. 

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In order to register for the examination, you will need to have the following information and documentation with you.

  • Contact information (mobile number, parent’s mobile number, email address, etc.)
  • Personal information (name, parent’s name, date of birth, etc.)
  • Living address for communication
  • Collage’s name and address
  • Degree Eligibility details
  • Choice of GATE examination paper subject and examination city
  • Category or Cast certificate
  • Valid identity proof documentation 
  • Candidate’s photograph

To go through with the registration you need to register with GOPAS using your login details. After that is done, you need to fill up the application form with the details that they ask from you. After that, you need to upload your photograph and all the relevant documents. Make sure that the photograph you upload is a front-facing one that displays your face properly and it and the documents match the required format.  

After this, you will need to pay the registration fee, and then you can once again review your entered details. If the details need correction, you make them; otherwise, you can just submit the application form. Now you are done with the registration process of the GATE examination for 2022. 

gate 2022 application form
GATE Application Form 2022 Important Info

GATE Application Form 2022 Important Dates

All of the important dates for the examination have already been announced and they are as followed-

  • Date of the opening of the application portal – 30th Aug 2021
  • Last date of registration – 24th Sept 2021
  • Last date of registration with late fee – 1st Oct 2021
  • Display of Defective Applications for Rectification – 26th Oct 2021
  • Last Date for the Rectification of the Applications – 1st Nov 2021
  • Last date for reselecting the examination date, city or paper or making any correction with additional Fees– 12th November 2021

For additional details be sure to keep visiting the official site. You can visit the site using the following link.

Official Link:

Due to the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic, the dates of the whole examination or application procedure might change, and if it does, you can find those updates on the official site. 


About Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering is one of the latest branches of engineering. It was first used in powered flights operated in the 19th century. Aerospace engineering now also designs aircraft such as lighter-to-air craft, fixed-wing airplanes, jets, auto grayers, gliders and helicopters.

Latest Trends in Aerospace Engineering

The development of science and technology, there has been many innovations in the field of aerospace. Aerospace engineering is also working in thermoelectric generators such as automobile technology. This team has actually hoped to achieve success in the structure of aircraft controlled by the mind.

Researchers study the cool burning effect by setting fire to the International Space Station so that tax models can be developed using this technology to make it better and less polluting the atmosphere.

Now, aerospace engineers rely on Computer Aided Design Systems (CAD) for quick and easy drafting, design modification and 3D visualization of finished parts and assemblies. Computer simulation is essential in all possible situations for virtual of wings testing, engines testing, surfaces control, and virtual testing of entire aircraft and spacecraft.

The examinations for graduation level courses include the following topics

  1. Physics

2. Chemistry

3. Mathematic

The questions pattern is objective type with 4 options. The time allotted for the exam is 3 hours.

Aerospace Engineer Job Profile

The job profile of an aerospace engineer includes all functions related to designing aircraft, space craft, satellites and missiles. These professionals also test their prototypes to properly assess all their designs. Similarly, these professionals also work in accordance with the prescribed schemes of the Government of India. Professionals working in the field of aerospace engineering are involved in the manufacture and designing of engines, airframes, wings, landing gear, instruments and control systems.

These engineers can also test or give other necessary instructions from time to time to keep the strength of the air craft, its capability, reliability, and to keep the aircraft and its parts durable for a long time. Sometimes if they need any problem, they also go to the menu manufacturing and testing facility.

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