GATE Geomatics Engineering Online Mock Test Series 2024 Schedule

Geomatics Engineering (GE) is a new paper in GATE 2024. And FindMyTest Team Experts are working on GATE Geomatics Engineering Online Mock Test Series 2024.

GATE Geomatics Engineering 2024 Test Series

Free Demo Tests – GATE GE 2024 Paper

S.No.Free Demo TestLive Date
1GE- Free Demo Test 1Live
2GE- Free Demo Test 2 Live
3GE- All India Mock Test 1Coming Soon
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GE Topic Tests – GATE Geomatics Engineering Paper 2024

1.Accuracy1st April 2023
2.Most Probable Value 15th April 2023
3. Precision15th April 2023
4. Survey Measurement25th April 2023
5. Basic Concepts – Remote Sensing5th May 2023
6. Electromagnetic Spectrum 115th May 2023
7. Electromagnetic spectrum 225th May 2023
8. Microwave1st June 2023
9. Special Signature8th June 2023
10.Visual and Digital Interpretation16th June 2023
11.GIS 124th June 2023
12.Data Collection Method30th June 2023
13.DGPS5th July 2023
14.Most Probable Value 210th July 2023
15.Data Sources (GIS 2)15th July 2023
16.Spatial Analysis (GIS 3)20th July 2023
17.Terrain (GIS 4)25th July 2023
PART B – Section 1
18.Cartesian and Geographical1st Aug 2023
19.Importance of Maps5th Aug 2023
20.MAP Projection10th Aug 2023
21.Scales and Uses15th Aug 2023
22.Types of MAP20th Aug 2023
23.Theodolite Land25th Aug 2023
24.Total Station Land30th Aug 2023
25. Traversing Triangulation5th Sept 2023
26.Trigo Level Land10th Sept 2023
27.Digital Elevation Model15th Sept 2023
28.Flying Height 20th Sept 2023
29.Height Determination using Parallax Bar 25th Sept 2023
Part B Section – 2
30.Fourier Extra1st Aug 2023
31.Fourier Transform5th Aug 2023
32.Correlation Matrix10th Aug 2023
33.Histogram20th Aug 2023
34. Scattergram30th Aug 2023
35. Linear and non Linear5th Sept 2023
36.Image Segmentation15th Sept 2023
37.Image Tranformation20th Sept 2023
38.Radiometric25th Sept 2023
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Subject Tests – GATE Geomatics Engineering Paper 2024

1Engineering Mathematics Sub Test 11st May 2023
2Remote Sensing Sub Test 110th May 2023
3GNSS Sub Test 120th May 2023
4GIS Sub Test 125th May 2023
5Maps Sub Test 1 1st June 2023
6Land Surveying Sub Test 110th June 2023
7Aerial Photogrammetry Sub Test 120th June 2023
8Data Quantization and Processing Sub Test 130th June 2023
9Digital Image Processing Sub Test 1 1st July 2023
10Radiometric and Geometric Corrections Sub Test 110th July 2023
11Image Enhancement Sub Test 1 20th July 2023
12Image Segmentation and Classification Sub Test 130th July 2023
13Engineering Mathematics Sub Test 2 10th Aug 2023
14Remote Sensing Sub Test 215th Aug 2023
15GNSS Sub Test 220th Aug 2023
16GIS Sub Test 225th Aug 2023
17Maps Sub Test 210th Sept 2023
18Land Surveying Sub Test 2 15th Sept 2023
19Aerial Photogrammetry Sub Test 2 20th Sept 2023
20Data Quantization and Processing Sub Test 225th Sept 2023
21Digital Image Processing Sub Test 230th Sept 2023
22Radiometric and Geometric Corrections Sub Test 25th Oct 2023
23Image Enhancement Sub Test 2 10th Oct 2023
24Image Segmentation and Classification Sub Test 215th Oct 2023
25Image Transformation Sub Test 120th Oct 2023
26Image Transformation Sub Test 225th Oct 2023
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Full Length Tests – GATE Geomatics 2024

1GE- Full Length Test 11st Oct 2023
2GE- Full Length Test 21st Nov 2023
3GE- Full Length Test 321st Nov 2023
4GE- Full Length Test 410th Dec 2023
5GE- Full Length Test 520th Dec 2023
6GE- Full Length Test 630th Dec 2023
7GE- Full Length Test 710th Jan 2024
8GE- Full Length Test 820th Jan 2024
9GE- Full Length Test 925th Jan 2024
10GE- Full Length Test 1030th Jan 2024
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GATE GE Test Series

The Schedule of GATE 2024 GE Online Mock Tests Series will be announced by the end of this week.

GATE Geomatics Engineering Test Series Schedule

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