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Free Demo Tests – GATE Metallurgy

S.No.Free Demo TestLive Date
1MT- Free Demo Test 1live
2MT- Free Demo Test 21 October 2021
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Topic Tests

S.No. TopicsLive Date
1MT- Materials, Chemical Bonding and Structure Test-11 August 2021
2MT- Crystal Imperfections Test-11 August 2021
3MT- Material and Energy Balance Test-11 August 2021
4MT- 1st & 2nd Law of Thermodynamics Test-18 August 2021
5MT- Chemical Kinetics Test-18 August 2021
6MT- Diffusion in Solids Test-18 August 2021
7MT- Phase Diagram and Phase Transformations Test-18 August 2021
8MT- Solidification Test-18 August 2021
9MT- Mechanical Metallurgy Topic Test-115 August 2021
10MT- Solid state Transformations Test-115 August 2021
11MT- Heat Treatment Test-115 August 2021
12MT- Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Properties of Materials Test-115 August 2021
13MT- Corrosion Test-115 August 2021
14MT- Metal working Test-122 August 2021
15MT- X ray Diffraction Test-122 August 2021
16MT- Momentum Transfer Test-122 August 2021
17MT- Heat Transfer: Conduction Test-122 August 2021
18MT- Heat Transfer: Convection Test-122 August 2021
19MT- Heat Transfer: Radiation Test-122 August 2021
20MT- Thermodynamics Topic Test-229 August 2021
21MT- Mass Transfer Test-129 August 2021
22MT- Dimensional Analysis Test-129 August 2021
23MT- Mechanical Metallurgy Topic Test 25 September 2021
24MT- Comminution Techniques Test-15 September 2021
25MT- Agglomeration Test-15 September 2021
26MT- Iron making Test-15 September 2021
27MT- Primary Steel making Test-112 September 2021
28MT- Secondary Steel making Test-112 September 2021
29MT- Continuous Casting Test-112 September 2021
30MT- Metal Casting Test-112 September 2021
31MT- Non ferrous Extraction Test 119 September 2021
32MT- Metal Joining Test-119 September 2021
33MT- Metal Joining Test-219 September 2021
34MT- Powder Metallurgy Test-119 September 2021
35MT- Metal Working Test-226 September 2021
36MT- NDT Test-126 September 2021
37MT- Linear Algebra Test-126 September 2021
38MT- Calculus Test-13 October 2021
39MT- Vector calculus Test-13 October 2021
40MT- Differential Equations Test-13 October 2021
41MT- Thermodynamics Topic Test-310 October 2021
42MT- Probability Test-110 October 2021
43MT- Statistics Test-110 October 2021
44MT- Mechanical Metallurgy Test-317 October 2021
45MT- Numerical Methods Test-117 October 2021
46MT-ElectroChemistry (Thermo) Test-120 October 2021
47MT-Welding25th October 2021
48Mt- Thermodynamics Test – 430th October 2021
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Subject Tests

S.No.SubjectsLive Date
1MT- Physical Metallurgy Subject Test-125 July 2021
2MT- Mechanical Metallurgy Subject Test-125 July 2021
3MT- Metallurgical Thermodynamics Subject Test-125 July 2021
4MT- Extractive Metallurgy Subject Test-11 August 2021
5MT- Manufacturing Processes Subject Test-11 August 2021
6MT- Engineering Mathematics + AptitudeSubject Test-11 August 2021
7MT- Transport Phenomena and Rate Processes Subject Test-18 August 2021
8MT- Mechanical Metallurgy Subject Test-28 August 2021
9MT- Physical Metallurgy Subject Test-28 August 2021
10MT- Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy Subject Test-215 August 2021
11MT- Manufacturing Processes Subject Test-215 August 2021
12MT- Engineering Mathematics + Aptitude Subject Test-215 August 2021
13MT- Manufacturing Processes Subject Test-322 August 2021
14MT- Mechanical Metallurgy Subject Test-322 August 2021
15MT- Physical Metallurgy Subject Test-322 August 2021
16MT- Engineering Mathematics + Aptitude Subject Test-329 August 2021
17MT- Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy Subject Test-329 August 2021
18MT- Metallurgical Thermodynamics Subject Test-229 August 2021
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Full Length Tests

S.No.Full Length TestLive Date
1MT- Full Length Test 17 November 2021
2MT- Full Length Test 221 November 2021
3MT- Full Length Test 35 December 2021
4MT- Full Length Test 412 December 2021
5MT- Full Length Test 519 December 2021
6MT- Full Length Test 626 December 2021
7MT- Full Length Test 72 January 2022
8MT- Full Length Test 89 January 2022
9MT- Full Length Test 913 January 2022
10MT- Full Length Test 1016 January 2022
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