GATE Mining Engineering Syllabus 2021 #NEW (MN)

Mining Engineering is one of the most unique branches of Engineering and deals with the study of the extraction process of various minerals from nature and the subsequent processing that is done to the minerals to make them easily useable by humans.

Table of Content

1. GATE Mining Engineering Syllabus 2021
1.1. Surface Environment, Mine Ventilation, and Underground Hazards
1.2. Mining Methods and Machinery
1.3. Mine Geology, Mine Development, and Surveying
1.4. Mineral Economics, Mine Planning, System Engineering
1.5. Geomechanics and Ground Control

Students, who opt for the paper of Mining Engineering as their choice of paper in the GATE examination, have the option to study further in various NITs and IITs to obtain Masters’s Degree in the subject.

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However, the admissions in most of these institutes are highly competitive and one needs to secure a very good rank to get admission in their choice of Institute. Securing a good rank in GATE is definitely not a cake-walk, but if one puts the proper work in, it is definitely possible. The first step to getting a good rank is, knowing the full GATE mining engineering syllabus and memorizing it so that you know how much and what you need to study.

GATE Mining Engineering Syllabus 2021

The GATE mining syllabus includes 6 subjects. Five of these subjects are related to the core topics of Mining Engineering and the 6th subject is mathematics. Apart from these, there is also a general aptitude section that the candidates need to attempt.

The general aptitude section has two subjects, verbal and numerical abilities. The verbal ability section consists the topics grammar, analogies, sentence completion, verbal deduction, word groups, and critical reasoning. Numerical ability section contains the topics data interpretation, numerical computation, numerical reasoning, and numerical estimation.

Mathematics is one of the subjects included in many of the GATE papers. The GATE MN Engineering syllabus for this subject is common for all of these papers. The topics in mathematics include the following

  • Probability and statistics
  • Differential Equations
  • Vector calculus
  • Calculus
  • Linear Algebra and
  • Numerical methods.

Other than mathematics, there are five other sections including five topics that you need to study if you want to opt for the Mining paper in the GATE exam. The detailed syllabuses of these five topics are discussed here.

Surface Environment, Mine Ventilation, and Underground Hazards

This section of the mining engineering syllabus deals with the various precautionary measures one needs to follow for the process of mining. This section contains three subtopics, surface environment, mine ventilation, and underground hazards.

The surface environment section deals with the topics air, soil, and water pollution, their standard quality, causes of the pollution and the control measures, land reclamation and noise pollution and its control, and EIA. Whereas the underground hazards, part contains topics like Safety management plans, Underground hazards from fires, explosions, dust and inundation, Accident data analysis, Mine Gases, methane drainage, Rescue apparatus, and practices, Occupational safety, Mine legislation, and Mine lighting. In the last section of this topic, mine ventilation has the subtopics Mechanics of airflow, natural and mechanical ventilation, Underground atmosphere, Heat load sources, and thermal environment, Ventilation planning and survey, air cooling, auxiliary ventilation, Ventilation networks, and various mine fans and their usages.

Mining Methods and Machinery

This section contains the following topics: surface mining and its various aspects, Underground coal mining, underground metal mining, and its various aspects, highwall mining, underground metal mining, and its various aspects, hydraulic, mechanical and pneumatic power, material handling and its various aspects and comminution methods and machinery.

GATE Mining Engineering Syllabus
GATE Mining Engineering Syllabus

Mine Geology, Mine Development, and Surveying

The mine geology section covers the topics Origin and classification of rocks and minerals, structural geology, and ore genesis.

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The mine development section of this topic covers explosives and energetics, rock tool interaction and that are applicable in the mechanical cutting system, their selection blasting devices and practices, drilling machines and methods, underground drivages, and methods to access of deposits.

The surveying section includes the topics Correlation, underground surveying, curves, level and leveling, Errors and adjustments, contouring, theodolite, tacheometry, triangulation, EDM and total station, GPS, basic GIS, and remote sensing, and photogrammetry. 

Mineral Economics, Mine Planning, System Engineering

This topic further contains three subtopics as suggested by the name. The mineral economics section has the subjects mineral taxation, mine resource classification, discounted cash flow analysis, and mine valuation.

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For the mine planning subtopic you need to study, Sampling methods, practices and interpretation, mine size and life determination, ultimate pit configuration, and its determination, selection of mining system, design of Haul road, stope planning, optimum mill cut off grade, its determination, Optimization of facility location, reverse estimation technique (basics of geostatistics and quality control ) and, mine planning and its components.

Lastly, the system engineering section has the following topics: Linear programming, transportation and assignment problems, decision tree, Network analysis, Queueing theory, Inventory models, Reliability of simple systems, Maintainability and availability, and concepts of reliability.

Geomechanics and Ground Control

This section tests a candidate’s knowledge in engineering mechanics, ground control, and geomechanics. All the topics included in this section are free body diagrams, Particle kinematics, and dynamics, Friction forces, beam analysis, Equivalent force systems, Two-dimensional frames and trusses, equations of equilibrium, Theories of rock failure, Rock mass classification, Instrumentation, and stress measurement techniques, ground vibrations, Geotechnical properties of rocks, Subsidence, Rock bursts, and coal bumps, slope stability, Stress distribution around mine openings, strata control, monitoring plan, Design of pillars, mine filling and roof supporting systems.

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The cut-off marks for the mining engineering branch for the year 2020 ranged between 21 to 33 marks depending upon the cast of the candidate. Provided you have started preparing early and are consistent with your work, this is not a hard mark to achieve. Just stick to the syllabus and keep studying, you are going to do great.

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