IIT JAM Chemistry Test Series 2023 – Online Mock Schedule

IIT JAM Chemistry Test Series 2023 is available for all those who are really think to crack the JAM in the first attempt. Yes! FindMyTest’s experts designed the test series with a proper strategy and after all research & analysis of previous year’s questions trend.

IIT JAM Chemistry Test Series 2023 Topic Wise Schedule

The given topics are taken from IIT JAM CY syllabus and candidates can register themselves to take the highly quality questions for a better preparation of IIT JAM Chemistry.

IIT JAM Chemistry Test Series
IIT JAM Chemistry Test Series

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S.No.Topic TestLive Date
1. Periodic Properties1st June 2022
2.Chemical Bonding & Shapes of Molecule5th June 2022
3.Main Group Elements10th June 2022
4. Coordination Complex15th June 2022
5. Organometallic Chemistry20th June 2022
6.Bio-inorganic Chemistry25th June 2022
7.Extraction of metals30th June 2022
8.Instrumental method of Analysis5th July 2022
9.Qualitative Analysis10th July 2022
10.Radioactivity14th July 2022
11.Gaseous Stats22nd July 2022
12.Solid Stats26th July 2022
13.Chemical Thermodynamics30th July 2022
14.Equilibrium (Ionic+Chemical + Phases)1st Aug 2022
15.Colligative Properties3rd Aug 2022
16.Electrochemistry5th Aug 2022
17.Adsorption7th Aug 2022
18.Chemical Kinetics10th Aug 2022
19.Mole Concept/Redox/Titration13th Aug 2022
20.General Organic Chemistry15th Aug 2022
21.Stereochemistry17th Aug 2022
22.Reactive Intermediates20th Aug 2022
23.SpectroScopy (Physical Chemistry)23rd Aug 2022
24.Reaction Mechanism25th Aug 2022
25.Name Reaction27th Aug 2022
26.Pericyclic Reaction 30th Aug 2022
27.Natural Products Chemistry1st Sept 2022
28.Heterocyclic Compound3rd Sept 2022
29.Spectroscopy (Organic)5th Sept 2022
30.Quantum Chemistry -115th Sept 2022
31.Qualitative Organic Analysis15th Sept 2022
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IIT JAM Chemistry Subject Wise Questions/Test Series Schedule

S.No.Subject NameLive Date
1.Physical Chemistry – I10th Sept 2022
2.Inorganic Chemistry – I20th Sept 2022
3.Organic Chemistry – I30th Sept 2022
4.Physical Chemistry – II10th Oct 2022
5.Inorganic Chemistry – II20th Oct 2022
6.Organic Chemistry – II30th Oct 2022
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Best Online Test Series for IIT JAM Chemistry – Full Tests Schedule

S.No.Full TestLive Date
1.Full Length Mock Test 11st Nov 2022
2.Full Length Mock Test 21st Dec 2022
3.Full Length Mock Test 31st Jan 2023
4.Full Length Mock Test 410th Jan 2023
5.Full Length Mock Test 520th Jan 2023
6.Full Length Mock Test 630th Jan 2023
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