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GATE Metallurgy Online Coaching is needed for a better preparation. Students who are in the 3rd Year or Final Year of so they should take this course, The online video lectures will help them to make a good understanding on each topic of the GATE MT.

GATE Metallurgy Online Coaching

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GATE Metallurgy Online Coaching

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GATE Metallurgy Video Lectures

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GATE 2025 Metallurgical Engineering Videos Schedule

2MT-Chemical bonding-2
3MT-Chemical Bonding 1 – GATE Metallurgical Engineering 1
4MT – partial derivative, increasing and decreasing function, maxima and minima
5MT – Matrices-3 (eigen values eigen vectors , some properties and examples) GATE Metallurgy – 5
6MT – Limit-continuity-differentiability – GATE MT 6
7MT – Sequence and series , test for convergence, fourier series
8MT – second law of thermodynamics
9MT- Vector calculus ( line, surface and volume integral, green , gauss and stoke’s theorem)
10MT – Free energy, maxwell relation, chemical potential and third law of thermo
11MT – vector calculus (vector product , divergence, gradient and curl
12MT – Basics and first law of thermodynamics
13MT – Gibbs phase rule, phase Diag, lever rule , free energy vs composition Diag
14MT – Thermo equilibrium constant and activity
15MT – Thermo- ellingham and phase stability diagrams
16MT – Thermo solution
17MT – Thermo-solutions-2
18MT – thermo-electrochemistry
19MT – Thermo-nernst equation and pourbaix diagrams
20MT – matrices and determinants 2
21MT – Maths- differential equation (first order differential equation)
22MT – Maths – Differential Equation 3
23MT – crystal imperfection (basic and point imperfection)
24MT – Engineering Math – differential equation
25MT – diffusion in solids -1(fick’s laws)
26MT – line defects
27MT – surface defects
28MT – X-ray – SEM
29MT X-Ray Diffraction
30MT – Diffusion in Solids -2 Applications of Flicks 2nd Law, Kirkendall Effect
31MT – diffusion in solids 3
32MT – phase transformation -1 basics and homogenous nucleation
33MT – phase transformation -2 ( heterogenous nucleation , growth )
34MT – Phase transformation -3
35MT – corrosion -1 
36MT – corrosion -2 (factors affecting, passivity)
37MT – corrosion – 3
38MT – corrosion -4 (prevention of corrosion)
39MT – heat treatment – 1 
40MT – heat treatment -2 
41MT – heat treatment-3
42MT – heat treatment-3 -ii
43MT – heat treatment- 4
44MT – magnetic properties of materials
45MT – optical properties
46MT – Rate Processes
47MT – Electronic properties of materials
48MT – solid state transformation -1
49MT – solid state phase transformation
50MT – Dislocations – Mechanical Metallurgy
51MT – Dislocation – 2
52MT – Strengthening mech. -1
53MT – strengthening mech. – 2
54MT – strengthening mech – 3
55MT – fracture -1
56MT – fracture -2
57MT – fracture -3
58MT – Fatigue
59MT – Plastic Deformation
60MT (Extractive Metallurgy) Communition Process
61MT – concentration techniques -2
62MT – Extractive Agglomeration
63MT – Extractive metallurgy_Aluminum extraction
64MT – extraction of copper
65MT – Extraction of Titanium
66MT – Materials and energy balance in blast furnace
67MT – properties of slag
68MT – production of metallurgical coal
69MT – Corex and Midrex process
70MT – Corex and Midrex process
71MT – high temperature deformation
72MT – stress and strain tensor
73MT – Mohr’s Circle
74MT – yield criteria
75MT – non destructive testing
76MT – Powder metallurgy -1
77MT – powder metallurgy-2
78MT – metal working-1
79MT – metal working- 2
80MT – metal working- 3
81MT – metal working – 4
82MT – metal working – 5
83MT – Buckingham Pi Theorem
84MT – Significance of Dimensionless numbers
85MT – Concept of Viscosity
86MT – Concept of Viscosity 2
87MT – Crystal structure of solids-I
88MT – Crystal structure of solids-Part II
89MT – Crystal structure of solids-Part III
90MT – Pyrometallurgy
91MT- Sizing – I (Screening)
92MT- Sizing – II (Classification)
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