• How Can I Register at
    Ans: You can register or buy any test just by clicking on the Package’s link. (Register Now)
  • Can i get discount before buying the test series?
    Ans: Yes! You can get a good discount. If your family’s financial condition is not good so we can give you discount up to 40%. For that you have to show all the required documents. For more information please contact us.
  • After taking the test can i check my Rank among all the appeared students?
    Ans: Yes! You can check your actual rank in FMT’s test. For that you have to check the student’s panel and find the student’s report.
  • Can I earn some money by sharing this website?
    Ans: Sorry! You can’t earn money just by sharing the website with your friends. But by sharing the website with your 50+ Whatsapp Friends, Facebook Friends and Instagram followers then you can get discount up to 7% on a particular test series. For more information please visit our Referral Program page.