GATE Environmental Science and Engineering Test Series 2024 Schedule – ES Paper

GATE Environmental Science and Engineering Test Series 2024 – Free Tests

S.No.Free Demo TestLive Date
1ES- Free Demo Test 1Live
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GATE ES Online Mock Test Series 2024 – Subject Wise Tests Schedule

S.No. TopicsLive Date
1Environmental Chemistry Test-1April 1st, 2023
2Environmental Microbiology Test-1April 15th, 2023
3Water & Wastewater Treatment and Management Test-1
May 5th, 2023
4Water Resources and Environmental Hydraulics Test-1May 25th, 2023
5Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Test-1June 5th, 2023
6Global and Regional Environmental Issues Test-1June 25th, 2023
7Environmental Management and Sustainable  
Development Test-1
July 5th, 2023
8Air and Noise Pollution Test-1July 25th, 2023
9Environmental Chemistry Test 2Aug 5th, 2023
10Environmental Microbiology Test 2Aug 25th, 2023
11Water & Wastewater Treatment and Management Test 2Sept 5th, 2023
12Water Resources and Environmental Hydraulics Test-2Sept 25th, 2023
13Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Test 2Oct 5th, 2023
14Global and Regional Environmental Issues Test 2Oct 25th, 2023
15Environmental Management and Sustainable
Development Test 2
Nov 5th, 2023
16Air and Noise Pollution Test 2Nov 25th, 2023
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GATE Environmental Science and Engineering Full Length Mock Tests Series 2024 Schedule

S.No.SubjectsLive Date
1Full Length Mock Test 1Oct 1st, 2023
2Full Length Mock Test 2Oct 25th, 2023
3Full Length Mock Test 3Nov 15th, 2023
4Full Length Mock Test 4Nov 30th, 2023
5Full Length Mock Test 5Dec 15th, 2023
6Full Length Mock Test 6Dec 25th, 2023
7Full Length Mock Test 7Dec 30th, 2023
8Full Length Mock Test 8Jan 5th, 2024
9Full Length Mock Test 9Jan 10th, 2024
10Full Length Mock Test 10Jan 15th, 2024
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