GATE Biotechnology Test Series Schedule | BT Paper Online Mock Tests 2022

GATE Online Test Series for Biotechnology 2021.

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S.No.Free Demo TestLive Date
1BT- Free Demo Test 1Live
2BT- Free Demo Test 2Live
3BT- Free Demo Test 3Live
4BT- Free Demo Test 4Live
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GATE BT Test Series 2022 – Topic Wise Tests

S.No.Topic TestsLive Date
1Biomolecules (carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids and nucleic acids)- structure and function20/9/2021
2Metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids and nucleic acids21/9/2021
3Enzyme kinetics – Michaelis-Menten equation22/9/2021
4Enzyme inhibition – competitive, non-competitive and uncompetitive inhibition23/9/2021
5Restriction and modification enzymes24/9/2021
6Vectors – plasmids, bacteriophage, viral vectors, cosmids, Ti plasmid, BAC, YAC25/9/2021
7cDNA and genomic DNA library 26/9/2021
8Gene cloning27/9/2021
9Expression vectors28/9/2021
10Sequence and structure databases, sequence file formats1/10/2021
11scoring matrices, alignment, phylogeny2/10/2021
12Secondary and 3D structure prediction.3/10/2021
13Polymerase chain reaction4/10/2021
15Southern and northern blotting7/10/2021
16In-situ hybridization8/10/2021
17DNA fingerprinting, RAPD, RFLP9/10/2021
18Pressure, temperature and flow measurement devices11/10/2021
19Feedback and feed forward control12/10/2021
20Types of controllers14/10/2021
25Material and energy balances20/10/2021
26Recycle, bypass and purge processes22/10/2021
27Stoichiometry of growth and product formation23/10/2021
28Zero and first order kinetics24/10/2021
29Kinetics of cell growth25/10/2021
30Batch, fed-batch and continuous processes27/10/2021
31Ideal reactors – batch, mixed flow and plug flow28/10/2021
32Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids29/10/2021
33Mixing in bioreactors1/11/2021
34kLa and its measurement3/11/2021
35Oxygen transfer and uptake in bioreactor4/11/2021
36Bacterial classification5/11/2021
37Viruses, Microbial growth and nutrition, Microbial diseases, Antibiotics7/11/2021
38Laws of thermodynamics, Membrane potential8/11/2021
39Energetics of metabolic pathways9/11/2021
40Humoral and cell mediated immunity10/11/2021
41Antibody structure and function11/11/2021
42Antigen processing and presentation, Hypersensitivity12/11/2021
43Principles of microscopy – light, electron, fluorescent and confocal13/11/2021
44Spectroscopy- UV, visible, CD, IR, fluorescence, FT-IR, MS, NMR; Electrophoresis, Immunoassays – ELISA, RIA, immunohistochemistry, immunoblotting, Flow cytometry15/11/2021
45Growth regulators, kinetics of growth, Somaclonal variation16/11/2021
46Protoplast fusion, Transgenic plants, gene transfer techniques17/11/2021
47Kinetics of cell growth and Hybridoma technology18/11/2021
48Animal cloning and Transgenic animals20/11/2021
49Secondary metabolites – industrial enzymes and antibiotics21/11/2021
50Clinical, food and industrial microbiology22/11/2021
51Mendelian inheritance23/11/2021
52Microbial genetics – transformation, transduction conjugation, Genetic disorders and Population genetics24/11/2021
53Prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell structure, Cell Cycle and cell growth control25/11/2021
54Cell signaling and signal transduction, Cell death and autophagy26/11/2021
55Molecular structure of genes and chromosomes, Mutations and mutagenesis27/11/2021
56Regulation of gene expression, Nucleic acid replication and transcription28/11/2021
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GATE Biotech Test Series 2022 – Subject Wise Tests

S.No.Subject TestsDATE 
1Analytical and Molecular tools-121/8/2021
2Cell Biology-124/8/2021
6Molecular Biology, Genetics and Evolutionary Biology-15/9/2021
7Computational Tools-19/9/2021
8Cell Biology-211/9/2021
12Recombinant DNA Technology, Plant, Animal and Microbial Biotechnology-122/9/2021
13Analytical and Molecular tools-225/9/2021
14Fundamentals of Biological Engg., Bioprocess Engg. and Process Biotechnology-127/9/2021
15Molecular Biology, Genetics and Evolutionary Biology-229/9/2021
16Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude-130/09/2021
18Recombinant DNA Technology, Plant, Animal and Microbial Biotechnology-22/10/2021
19Computational Tools-23/10/2021
20Molecular Biology, Genetics and Evolutionary Biology-37/10/2021
21Fundamentals of Biological Engg., Bioprocess Engg. and Process Biotechnology-29/10/2021
22Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude-214/10/2021
23Recombinant DNA Technology, Plant, Animal and Microbial Biotechnology-318/10/2021
24Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude-319/10/2021
25Fundamentals of Biological Engg., Bioprocess Engg. and Process Biotechnology-322/10/2021
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GATE Biotechnology Test Series – Online Full Length Mock Tests

S.No.Full Length TestsLive Date
1Full length test-125/12/2021
2Full length test-226/12/2021
3Full length test-327/12/2021
4Full length test-428/12/2021
5Full length test-529/12/2021
6Full length test-630/12/2021
7Full length test-731/12/2021
8Full length test-81/1/2022
9Full length test-93/1/2022
10Full length test-105/1/2022
11Full length test-117/1/2022
12Full length test-129/1/2022
13Full length test-1311/1/2022
14Full length test-1413/1/2022
15Full length test-1515/1/2022
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